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Nikki Hayes

Nikki Hayes


Height 5 ft 2 inches

Weight 11 stone

Clothes size 12


Breakfast Museli, natural yoghurt and bagel with Yo Chi tea

Mid morning snack, Muller rice strawberry pot

Lunch Green cold pressed juice with celery, kale, cucumber and apple

Mid afternoon snack Oats and honey natural bar

Dinner. Baby boils, broccoli and burger

Evening treat Cup of tea and bar of dairy milk


Nikki Hayes & Frank Black Wedding

Do you struggle with your weight or is this even an issue to you? 

Always have struggled with my weight, I can go up and down a stone throughout the year. I emotionally eat and stressfully lose weight. Im also a yo-yo dieter which doesn’t help

Do you train and how often?  I am back to spinning twice a week and I walk every day.

How often do you drink alcohol, how much roughly? Im teetotal these days so not at all.

Your biggest weakness? Chocolate and biscuits, easily eat a load of it with tea. I can’t drink tea without something sweet to go with it. Problem is ill have 2 bars of chocolate or 5 biscuits.

What supplements do you take? Thermobol to kick my slow metabolism and active multi vitamin.

What would be your final meal/favourite meal? Good old Irish gal – cabbage, ham and potatoes

Paul Byrne of BodyByrne

Paul Byrne of BodyByrne



Hi Nikki

Thank you again for your food diary and for your honesty. Like many people, you mentioned that your weight tends to go up and down and that you are an emotional eater and yo yo dieter. I feel that there are a few issues related to your diet and exercise that could help put you in a better position to be able to control your weight better.

Examining your eating habits overall for the day you are eating too many sugars throughout the day. Unless we are doing a lot of high intense exercise or prolonged cardio exercise you don’t need this many carbohydrates in a day.

These sugars are found in the muesli, yogurt, bagel in the morning, your muller rice & oat and honey snacks, the chocolate bar treat as well as the small amounts in your juice and veg. Although I don’t know our exact portion sizes I would estimate that you’re having above 70g sugars over 15 teaspoons of sugar a day, well above the recommended amount. Yes some of them are natural sugars coming from your juice and veg with a little from your muesli depending on the type you use. The majority of your sugars are artificial that we want to keep to a minimum, this is definitely contributing to your weight fluctuations.

Remember when we eat these carbohydrates/sugars there are 2 options for it; either it will be used by our bodies as an energy source for day to day living and for when we exercise, and the 2nd option is that it will ultimately be stored in our bodies as fat. If we think about that, if we are eating an excess of carbs and not exercising or not exercising enough or not at a high intensity these sugars will eventually be stored in our bodies as fat as they have nowhere else to go an can’t be utilized.

Therefore to help you regain control of your weight you need to be wary of the amount of sugars you are eating, I think we all know that chocolate and biscuits, soft drinks etc have high amounts of sugars. But it’s the “hidden” sugars that we need to be aware of as well as be more aware of what’s in the food we eat. Particularly items like cereal bars and rice yogurt pots you are eating, contain a high amount of sugar. By cutting these out doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to eat, you should be eating regularly throughout the day but ensure that our meals and snacks are balanced. You are eating very little protein and healthy fats, these are essential for our bodies metabolism, regulation and production of hormones just to name a few of the many benefits. I would urge you to think of your food as having a balanced approach, this will leave you feeling fuller for longer and hopefully stop you from having the need for having to reach for sugar treats.

Yours in fitness




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