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Does your dog get travel sick? These tips could help

Travelling in a vehicle can be scary and unusual for you dog, animals evolved to walk everywhere on foot and so getting your dog into a car can be a struggle.

If your dog gets travel sick, there could be a few reasons.

According to DogsTrust these are the main reasons your dog could be feeling sick.

-Over-excitement in anticipation of an exciting or fearful event at the end of the journey, i.e. a walk or visit to the vet
-Car sickness, or fear of the car’s motion
-Aggression or protectiveness of the car
-Over-stimulation from seeing exciting things out of the car windows.

There are a few things that could help your dog, and make travelling on a train or car with your dog a lot easier.

Here are some of the tips from DogsTrust:

-Choose a period of time when you’ll be able to avoid taking your dog anywhere in the car for a few weeks. During this time, you’ll need to do the following training.

-Start by getting your dog a new mat or towel that can be taken anywhere. Then bring the mat out for lots of short sessions (10 minutes max.) where you ask your dog to lay down on his mat for treats and lots of calm stroking and praise.

-The idea is to build an association for your dog between calm, happy behaviour and sitting on his mat. Only bring out the mat for these sessions and put it away again afterwards.

-After a couple of weeks of doing this everyday in the home (the more often the better), you can start doing the same with the mat and your dog in the car with the engine off. If all goes well, after a few days, try it with the engine on.

-Then move the car forward a few feet and back, slowly building up to very short journeys, middle length journeys and then finally long journeys.

If this doesn’t work they recommend seeing a behaviorist or a trainer to help your dog.

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