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Your dog could be key to helping you get in shape for summer


Your dog could be to answer to helping you get in shape this Summer.

On top of their unconditional love, and just all round cuteness, your dog could help you to get moving and get that Summer body you’ve been aiming for.

These are a few of the ways in which having a dog could benefit you when trying to lose weight.

You’ll exercise more:

Having a dog means you have to take it on walks. This means no excuses for sitting on the couch all evening. Having a dog means you’ll get more exercise in and once you get walking, you can try to get jogging to get even extra fit. Not only that but most dogs love having a little play around with their owners, so instead of slobbing in front of your telly you’ll be up and active and you won;t even notice it.

You’ll stress less:

A very common reason fr overeating, or unhealthy eating is stress. People turn to comfort food to to feel-well-comfortable. However, dogs have been proven to decrease stress, therefore meaning as their owner, you’re less likely to stress eat, and therefore should find it easy to stick to a healthy diet.

You’ll plan better:

While not being able to be totally spontaneous could be a downside to having a dog, it will work out in your favour if you’re trying to be healthy. Having a dog means you have to plan somewhat. Plan their walk, be home to feed them, make sure they’re not alone for too long. This means you should find it easier to plan time to make your own lunches. Making your own lunches means that you can decide what you put into them- and what you don’t. This gives you a major head start to shedding your pounds, as you won;t be just grabbing something from the deli or cafeteria in work.

You drink less:

While this one really depends on the individual, dogs can help reduce the amount that you drink. Relationships with dogs have been proven to be as beneficial as that of relationships with other humans. This means that instead of heading out for drinks cause your lonely, you’ll be more likely to pass on them, choosing your nights out wisely. Cutting back on drink is a great way to shed pounds and get healthy. Having a dog means you’re more likely to pass up on spontaneous drinks, or the “one or two” drinks with co-workers after work, as you know you have a dog to go home to, and to walk. While it doesn’t mean you have to have no social life, it just means you’ll be more aware and selective of your nights out.

You’ll feel guilty:

Lastly, and not really seriously, is they’ll make you feel guilty. Every-time you go to eat something you shouldn’t-and even something you should to be honest- they’ll be watching you. Looking up at you with their little puppy dog eyes and pretty much begging you for some of your food. If that doesn’t stop you mindlessly snacking, I don’t know what will.



Dogs really are mans best friend! If there’s one thing that will get us off our couches and out jogging its those little puppy dog eyes staring at us.


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