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Dog owners are urged to be careful of Fatberg’s on beaches which are fatal to dogs

Dog owners are being warned about fatal ‘fatbergs’ which are washing up on Irish beaches.

Fatberg’s, or solidified oil, have washed up on beaches in County Dublin. The council are warning owners to be careful, as if eaten, they could harm or kill dogs.

According to The Irish Independent, the lumps of solidified oil are believed to been in cargo washed off a ship.

Dogs apparently love fatberg’s, and are often tempted to eat them, this has resulted in the death of dogs in the past, such as in Britain where several dogs have died as a result of ‘fatberg’s’.

Council spokesman Gerry McDermott spoke about the fatberg’s to The Irish Independent, saying;

“The material is a solid white substance which is known as a ‘Palm Oil Fatberg’ and they can range in size from being as small as a golf ball to as big as a boulder.

“We are asking the public to be vigilant as this substance can be harmful to dogs.”

Fatburg’s are waxy substances which can be white or yellow in colour, and have a smell off them which is similar to diesel or firelighters.

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