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Dublin Fire Brigade warn people about lethal hair straighteners

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After rushing out the door in the morning, many of us get that sudden pang of fear when we reach the bus stop “did I turn my hair straighter off?”.

More often than not, we put this fleeting thought out of our heads, but Dublin Fire Brigade has warned that going home to double check might be worth being a few minutes late…

After too many dangerous incidents in recent years, our fire fighters have taken to Twitter- urging us to be more mindful when using/turning off hair straightners.

The post on social media reads “Straighteners off and unplugged? We attended a domestic house fire recently which was likely caused by straighteners” and the photo attached of a melted hair straightener will serve as a serious wake up call for many.

Emergency services also warn about potentially hazardous phone chargers that can over heat and cause a fire when left plugged in for long periods of time.

We’ll be double checking from now on!

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