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Eastenders fans have noticed a big mistake with Friday’s episode

Eastenders fans have noticed a big mistake in Friday’s episode. But it was not easy to see.

In the episode, which was very dramatic. In the episode, Alexandra and Madison brutally assaulted Bex in the toilet after they overheard her telling Louise that she wasn’t a good friend for hanging out with them in Friday night’s episode.

The two girls then attacked Bex,  pinning her down and writing ‘dirty’ on her forehead in the girl’s bathroom at school, while Louise kept a lookout.

All of the girls were then brought to the office, and that is were the fans noticed the mistake. We have to say, we would have missed this.

People’s keen eyes were quick to notice an error in the message that Madison texted Louise which said, “Remember, say nothing.” Instead of having the date as Friday, the 17th of March, the text had Friday the 17th of February,a whole month earlier.

Fans were quick to notice and comment on the error.

People also noticed that the time was off, and didn’t match up with the time that the text was sent at.


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