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Did You Ever Have A Tanning Disaster? Bellamianta Explain How To Get Your Tan Just Right

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Here at RSVP we love a bit of tan to make us look sun-kissed and exotic all year round.

Tanning can be tricky and often we look more continental then we would like, so we asked the tanning experts at Bellamianta  for their tips on how to achieve the perfect natural glow.


At Bellamianta our moto is FAIL TO PREPARE, PEPARE  TO Fail ! Always make sure to prep your skin before tanning for the best results.


Prepare your skin by shaving or waxing, moisturising, and exfoliating 24 hours in advance.

Apply tan to clean skin that is free from all products.

Using a Bellamianta mitt it’s man proof so no excuses, the men can’t get out of tanning us. Apply your product from the ankles upwards in circular motion and only using the residue left on the mitt for the face hands and feet.

If you have drier areas on your skin for example your hands or elbows, apply a little oil free moisturiser 1 hour after application as it will stop your tan developing too dark on these areas.

Wash off guide colour the next morning and tap yourself dry, avoid vigorous rubbing with towels.

Apply an oil free moisturiser all over to ensure your skin is kept hydrated. Do this every day to maintain your tan and ensure an even wear off.

Gently use an exfoliating glove such as the Bellamianta luxury exfoliating glove that helps to remove dead skin cells from day 3 onwards.


Be tempted to layer on the tan to get a deeper colour. You should only ever use 1 or 2 coats of tan. Your tan should enhance your appearance, and still look natural. It shouldn’t make you look orange.

So there you go ladies! That’s how you get the perfect sunkissed looked effortlessly.


Brought to you by Bellanmianta. 



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