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EVERY Irish Household Is Going To Want This Deadly New Gadget In LIDL

Lidl, you always manage to make us feel the NEED to buy whatever new gadget is in store.

And this amazing new yogurt maker is no exception – it’s all we need in life right now.

What better way to get healthy for the summer than to make your own food, in particular, your very own yogurt.

All you have to do is mix 1L of milk and 50g of plain yoghurt to make up to 1.4L of plain yoghurt or up to 1L of Greek Yoghurt – unreal.

This deadly new gadget includes colander and drip collector for Greek yoghurt and storage container with lid.

And all of this for only €13! Sure you couldn’t say no! 

We know how we’ll be spending our weekend anyway.

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