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Everyone Is Obsessed With The Amazing Dress Maura Derrane Wore On Last Night’s Late Late Show

What a beauty!

Maura Derrane RTE
Picture Clare Keogh

After many years of presenting and broadcasting, the fabulous Maura Derrane has made herself into a household name, and that’s exactly why people were delighted to see her chatting to Ryan on the couch on last night’s Late Late Show.

Maura is well known for her fun, colourful and sometimes daring sense of style, and we’re forever getting inspiration from what she wears on The Today Show.

And after her appearance on The Late Late last night, that style inspiration came on fast after she stepped out in the most amazing lace pale blue dress – and it seems like we weren’t the only ones who wanted to get our hands on it.

After her chat with Ryan where her DNA was tested, women from all over the country tweeted to ask where Maura got the stunning dress she wore.

Lucky for us, it’s affordable, and we can buy it from the click of a button from Littlewoods.

Thank you Maura once again for your amazing style!

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