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Exclusive: Jeremy McConnell Opens Up About The Real Love Of His Life

It’s fair to say that Big Brother star Jeremy McConnell has been linked to a lot of ladies since he shot to fame a couple of months ago.



Not only has he been in a rather explosive relationship with his Big Brother co-star Stephanie Davis, he has also been linked to many other girls, one of them including Marnie Simpson from MTV’s Geordie Shore.

However, in an exclusive interview with RSVP, Jeremy revealed who the real love of his life is, and you may be surprised by his response.

It’s not anyone we know, and as it turns out, she has four legs not two – it’s his dog Penny.

  1. Why did you pick the name Penny?

 She was just so cute so we felt we needed to pick a name which would suit her cuteness. So Penny it was.


  1. How would you describe her appearance

 She’s beautiful. Golden locks and very human like in the way that she acts too!


  1. Do you both have anything in common?

 We’re both extremely lazy so it’s very easy to just lay around with her all day.


  1. What’s your favourite thing about Penny?

 My favourite thing would have to be that she knows when I’m upset – she can sense it or something and she always tries to make me feel better.


  1. If they were a celebrity, who would they be?

She’s already a celebrity to me, in my eyes. I adore her.


  1. If she could bite any celebrity in the bum, who would it be?

 Ah, I’d definitely have to say that it would Gemma Collins!


  1. What is your favourite thing to do together?

Movie nights are the best with Penny – that’s the best thing to do with her!


  1. What’s the one thing that she hates?

She really hates the sound of the hoover. She goes crazy when it’s around her.


Via Instagram

Via Instagram


  1. If Penny could speak, what would she say?

’What did I do in a past life to deserve this?’’


  1. If Penny was a human. What would be her job?

 She’s probably be working for RSVP Magazine!


  1. If Penny could marry any celebrity who would it be?

She would definitely marry Keith Lemon!


  1. Tell us about your favourite memory with Penny!

 We live with two dogs – Penny and Ruby. My favourite memory is lying in bed with Penny when I’m sick.


   13. If you could take Penny anywhere on holidays where would it be any why?

 I love just bringing the two of them up to bed to watch TV with me. Penny is 10 years old and Ruby is 7 so they love a good snooze.


  1. What does she mean to you? Is the phrase ‘A man’s best friend’ relevant when it comes to both of you?

Definitely, she’s one of my most favourite things in the world!


  1. What is her most favourite possession?

 She loves her squeaky toys so she does. She can’t go anywhere without them.


  1. Is there anything that annoys you about her?

 There’s actually nothing that I can think of to be honest. I haven’t one bad thing to say about her.


  1. If you could describe her in five words, what would they be?

 Penny is playful, she’s a softie, she’s cute, she’s mischievous and she’s very loveable.



Penny and Ruby Via Jeremy


  1. What did you miss about her when you were in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

 I really missed just cuddling with her when I was in the Big Brother house.


  1. Do you have a tattoo of her or would you ever consider getting one?

No I don’t have a tattoo of her yet anyways but yeah I would definitely consider getting one. You never know!


  1. What’s the funniest thing she’s ever done?

 The funniest thing she’s ever did is stealing people’s food while they’re still in the middle of eating it. She can be a greedy yoke at times!


  1. Has she ever scared you?

 Yes she scared me when she got out of the house one time. I had to run after her and I was terrified that she’d get knocked down. I couldn’t cope with that.

Interview by Susan Knox

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