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Exclusive: Lee Keegan opens up about his girlfriend, Aoife Duffy

Lee Keegan opens up about his girlfriend, saying that she is very close to his father.

His dad- who hails from Cheltenham- gets on superbly with the love of Lee’s life, Aoife Duffy.

Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Their relationship is key to Lee’s success on the club and intercounty scene and there is no worry that they will ever argue.

Speaking exclusively to RSVP Magazine, he said: “They get on better together than we do and they talk to each other a lot.

“You need the people in the background to help you out and they are together at every game.

“There is no worry that they will argue or fall out with each other and if they do, they can sort it out between themselves.”

Chatting at the launch of Kellogg’s Cúl Camps in Croke Park, he kept his cards very close to his chest when asked about their future together.

The 27-year-old All-Star said “We have been together for 11 years” but he wouldn’t tell us if there was a ring on the way.

“I can’t comment on that, I can’t give off the impression that there is or there isn’t,” joked Lee.

Kellogg’s supports Cul Camps to promote and encourage physical activity. They believe in the power of breakfast to fuel activity on and off the pitch.

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