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Facts about neutering your dog, and why it’s important

A golden retriever puppy puts his head down for a rest.

There’s a lot to think about when getting a new dog, like vaccinations, micro-chipping, and neutering. Over at DogsTrust they have a very helpful guide to neutering, and why it’s important.

While many people wonder if neutering is ‘natural’, Dogstrust explain that keeping a dog in a domestic set-up is not ‘natural’, but having a dog neutered makes it a lot easier, for you and them.

So what is neutering?

“Neutering is a simple operation that prevents male and female dogs from reproducing by removing their sexual organs, for male dogs it is called ‘castration’, and for female dogs the operation is called ‘spaying’,” says Dogstrust.

Both operations are routine procedures and are done under general anaesthetic.

Why should you get you dog neutered?

There’s many reasons, from money, to the health and behaviour of your dog.


-Neutering encourages calmer, more predictable behaviour. This makes your pet more family friendly as it can help to reduce aggressive and unwanted sexual behaviour in dogs. It can also prevent fighting, mounting and being destructive. Dogs that have been neutered are also less likely to mark their territory or stray.

-Female dogs usually come into season for about three weeks, twice a year. Whilst in season a they may act strangely, running away to search for a mate, and can often need to be kept away from other dogs.

-Likewise, male dogs’ behaviour can also change when a female dog is in season. They often try to escape, which can lead to them jumping high fences, or even crossing busy roads.


-Neutering dogs saves the unnecessary costs of unplanned pregnancies and raising puppies.


– Pregnancy can cause significant health risks to your dog, causing her discomfort and to behave oddly.

-Early neutering can reduce the risk of some cancers developing in later life for both male and female dogs.

When should you get you dog neutered?

Most vets will neuter dogs of either sex from the age of about four months, although it can be done at any age, says Dogstrust.

For more really helpful information on getting your dog neutered visit Dogstrust, or your local vet.

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