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Fair City Fans Are In For A Shock Tonight

It’s a storyline that has been gripping us for the past couple of months, and now things are set to explode.


Niamh has been furious at her husband Paul since discovering his affair with Hayley and while Niamh was left feeling guilty about using Rachel and Callum to get one over on Paul, she soon realises it’s for the best.

Any doubt is pushed out of her head when she gets a call about the apartment Paul has been using for his secret rendez vous with Hayley.


Paul panics when Niamh asks him about it and quickly comes up with an alibi – little does he know his wife knows everything.

Callum announces over Skype he might not be in Barcelona in the New Year, so Paul drops everything to jet over to Spain later that day and everything seems to be falling into place when Niamh convinces him to leave power of attorney with Dermot in case a drinks licence comes up while he’s on his travels.


Meanwhile, poor Katy can’t seem to catch a break and she’s getting more and more fed up of being held captive.

In the outside world, Ciaran is still going about his business as if he hasn’t been holding her captive for on end and tells Eoghan he needs to stay positive when he’s down in the dumps after a job interview.

Via Fair City

Via Fair City

Later on, Ciaran tells Rose that Emmet needs to spend more quality time with his family instead of going out on the lash, so she agrees to have a word with him.

It’s all about to blow up tonight, so don’t miss it.

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