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Fair City’s Johnny Ward gets ‘women whacking him with handbags’

Fair City’s Johnny Ward has said that he gets ‘women whacking him with handbags’ over his role as Ciaran.

The actor who plays Ciaran in the soap Fair City has said that he gets women “whacking him across the head with handbags,” according to the Mirror.

Ward has been part of one of the longest-running and most talked about storylines in the history of the show- the kidnapping of Katy.

The Dubliner admitted that he feels “blessed” to have taken on the role.

“I’ve been blessed, I really have. Right at the start, they told me all this top secret information that I had to keep from the rest of the cast,” he said.

Adding, “I couldn’t say anything to anyone! No one else in the cast knew. It’s been tough, but it’s been a blast.”

Speaking about his decision of how to portray his character, he says he was advised to play the part in a way that would allow the audience to have sympathy for him.

“At the start, I was going to play it as if he was a very disturbed, mentally unstable person and that there would be no sympathy for him at all.”

“But when I was doing the big monologue last November about how Ciaran knows Emmet had broken his sister Tessa’s heart, the executive producer Brigie took me aside and told me to play that very sympathetically.”

However, with the story ling having dragged on, all sympathy for Ciaran is long gone.

“But now I think all that sympathy for Ciaran has gone – especially after the episode where he was getting Emmet to cut himself.”

He plays the part so well that he has women whacking him with handbags.

The Dulbiner then went on to say he’ll miss the part when it’s up.

It must be very tough on him having people confuse him for his character as opposed to himself. We wouldn’t be able…




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