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Family of Five Drown In Septic Tank While Trying To Rescue One Another

A family of five has tragically drowned in a septic tank while trying to rescue each other from the toxic mixture of animal urine and waste.

According to The Sun, the accident in Nanshan village, near the city of Chaozhou, in southern China’s Guangdong Province, happened when a local farmer surnamed Wang was cleaning the septic tank used for his pigs.

According to further reports, the tank – which was located underground – had become clogged and Wang’s daughter volunteered to venture inside and fix it but after entering, she passed out from the toxic fumes created by the animal waste.

Wand and his wife then jumped in to try and save their daughter but the couple both lost consciousness in the container before sinking into the muck.

Two of the couple’s three sons reportedly then jumped in to try and save them all, but sadly they too passed out and drowned in the liquid waste.

So, so, so tragic.

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