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The Fancy Sex Toy That Comes With Couple’s Insurance

The Fancy Sex Toy That Comes With Couples Insurance

We are more concerned with what happens the ‘used’ toy if you do return it following a break-up!

Sex toy brand Lelo make some very popular ‘pleasure toys’ but they do come with a high price tag – the Tiani 24k is currently on offer for €199.50. The company is obviously aware that some couples don’t want to invest a couple of hundred quid in a ‘couples toy’ with fear the relationship sizzles out and the toy stays running! Also, it only really works when two people are involved and who wants to bring your exes sex toy into a new relationship?

So, Lelo have come up with a solution – you can get insurance on the product.

“If in the unfortunate event that you experience a break up within a year of owning a TIANI 24k, you can return it to us and chose from a selection of LELO’s bestselling luxury pleasure products.’

This  means if you break-up with your lover within a year of buying this particular sex toy you can swap it for something else that you can use on your own!

Well, we have heard it all now.

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