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Fans in Hysterics after the Worst Eastenders Blunder Ever Last Night!



Eastenders fans were left were their mouths open last night as the show appeared to ruin its own cliffhanger.

The Carter family were locked in a dramatic showdown with three masked intruders, but the mystery was solved within minutes, as their identities were given away in the closing credits.


Alongside the usual list of names, viewers also spotted Osman ‘Oz’ Bolat written on screen, Lee Carter’s call centre colleague.

Usually, all the names of the characters who have starred in the previous episode are listed in the credits.

However, as Oz didn’t appear, fans have put two and two together and claimed it must be him.

One wrote online: “That was definitely that ozman guy who robbed the Vic #eastenders kindly put him in the end credits #mysterysolved.”

While another added: “It’s them from the Call Centre isn’t it. #EastEnders.”

Meanwhile one added: “Oops… I guess that confirms it, Oz was involved in that robbery!”

Looks like someone might be getting the sack over this one……….



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