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Fans notice something strange about Holly Willoughby’s picture

Fans notice something strange about Holly Willoughby’s picture ahead of presenting This Morning.

People have suggested that she wet herself!

Standing on a dark patch of the floor, viewers were a little taken a back and questioned if she had a backstage accident.

As always, Holly posted a snap of her show outfit on her Instagram account and that is where the fuss began.

This Morning via ITV

Ignoring the fab LK Bennett number, they focused solely the bizarre nature of the location.

Back in the dirty corner again  . Holly you look fab, but they stand you in the corner just like ‘baby’ #wrong.

They place a nice looking lady next to a dirty wall.. sort it out ( this morning )

Holly, every time I see a picture of you in that spot it looks like you have had a little accident on the floor !!! 

Love seeing holly, but why are you always next to a dirty wall & a puddle!

Was this photographed in the toilet?

Not the best place to stand for a pic, looks like a puddle on the floor as well. But as always Holly you look amazing!”

You look lovely as always, but with your legs crossed and that suspect stain on the floor, look like you’ve had an accident . Perhaps a different backdrop.

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Did you notice this small blunder in the image?

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