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If Your (our your fella’s) Penis Is Bending To One Side You Should Visit A Doctor

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If you are to learn one thing this bank holiday Monday it is that, a bendy penis is not good and a doctor must be seen.

Not every penis is poker straight but it gets too bendy, curves to the side or upwards and starts to hurt during sex then you need to go see your doctor, this is according to

Known as Peyronie’s disease, Dr Leo R Doumanian of the Keck Medicine of USC says,

‘Peyronie’s disease manifests as a progressive penile curvature during erection and oftentimes causes pain, both of which can prevent a man from having penetrative sex.

‘The degree and direction of penile curvatures can range. However, the vast majority of curvatures are either directed laterally to the side or bent upwards towards the ceiling.

‘The curvature is caused by the development of scar tissue, also called a Peyronie’s plaque, surrounding the erectile bodies of the penis.

He says,

‘Peyronie’s disease is most likely to affect men 40 to 60 years of age. Up to half of men with Peyronie’s disease also experienced erectile dysfunction. If you or your partner suffers from penile curvature, make an appointment with a urologist.’

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