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Ferne McCann’s Shares Skin Cancer Fear As Mole Returns On Her Nose

Ferne McCann has spoken about her “terrifying” wait to find out whether she has skin cancer.

via Instagram

via Instagram

The 25-year-old reality star revealed that after having two moles removed from her nose, one has returned “more prominently” leading doctors to advise her to have a biopsy to check for cancer.

She told Closer: “I’ve had two moles removed on my face – one on the bridge of my nose and one in my nostril crease. What is scary is that the mole on the bridge came back so I had it lasered but it returned again more prominently.”

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”I’m having it completely cut out and checked that it’s not cancerous .It’s terrifying, I can’t stop thinking about it.But it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Ferne, who last week returned from a Barcelona mini-break, has now sworn off sunbeds, and embraced the sunscreen.


“I need to be so careful. That’s why I’ve completely ditched sunbeds. I know how crucial sunscreen is.”

Ferne’s nose has always been the part of her body that she’s insecure about, and since she’s been in the public eye, cruel internet trolls have taken a toll on her self-esteem.

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”My nose has always been the one thing I’ve wanted to change, but then I’ll wake up and think, ‘No, come on, just embrace it. I’ve had some crazy online comments about my nose”.

“I was at an event for the British Canoeing Society and someone posted: ‘It looks like you’ve got a canoe on your face.’”


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