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Five Of The Best RyanAir Destinations This Spring

Spring is just about to bloom, and what better way to cure the mid-January blues than booking an inexpensive flight to one of the coolest RyanAir destinations ever?

In the meantime, we’re all still feeling the depths of the Irish winter weather and the feeling that Spring is ACTUALLY approaching is being weighed down by the fact that we still have to leave the house with about 40 layers of clothes on us.

So feck it, why not just book a cheap Ryanair flight to one of Europe’s beautiful cities to keep you going before we can all actually start to enjoy the Irish Spring/Summer – if it ever arrives.

Here are the five best locations we feel you should all be thinking about!



Of course Berlin is going to be at the very top of our list because, well let’s be honest, it’s probably one of the coolest cities in all of Europe.

Berlin  is packed full of culture, history and tradition, and not only that, you’ll have the best night of our life with your friends because it’s known for its wild nightlife and underground clubs. Sure what more could you want really?

Visit the world class museums, experience the diverse culture of the city and sample some of Germany’s best food in the traditional markets all across the city.



My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest’….sorry, we just had to.

Budapest is one of the oldest and most stunning cities in Europe, and you’ll honestly be in awe of the architecture and culture which surrounds the city.

Although the flights may not be as cheap as other European cities, once you get to Budapest, it’s actually so affordable so paying the extra few shillings for the flight is well worth it.

You could spend a whole week here and you would still have time to see more of the City and what it has to offer. The nightlife is amazing so you’re sure to have an unreal night out in one of the old ruin bars, and you can nurse your hangover the next day in one of the famous Budapest baths.

Nothing better lads.


If you’re looking for somewhere you can go roast yourself out of it in the sun, Marrakech is the place for you.

This is the only African destination that Ryanair travel to so it’s a pretty special one, and it’s a wonderful experience for the small price it costs to get there if you book wisely, and a little bit in advance.

Marrakech is steeped in culture and tradition so you’ll never get tired of walking around exploring the stunning city and all that is has to offer.

If you’re looking for unusual clothing pieces which nobody else will have, then you’ve seriously hit the jackpot because the city has hundreds of stalls which sample the very best and the most unique items out there.

You’ll also come home with an unreal tan, or if you’re a bit like us, like a tomato.


Tram 28, Lisbon

Cheap flights, unreal nightlife and sun? Lisbon, we need you in our lives, NOW.

The new home of the Web Summit and one of the most relaxed and vibrant cities in Europe, you can enjoy the best night out when the city comes to life after the sun has gone down with your pals and sample some of Portugal’s traditional food while you’re at it.

And you won’t run out of things to do quickly because the city has a rich culture so you’ll be seriously intrigued by everything that it has to offer.



This is the perfect gateway Cote D’azur with towns like Antibes, Cannes, St. Tropez and Monaco which come alive in the summer months. You can go top end with all the celebrities or camp out in one of their wonderful campsites so there’s something for all budgets.

There’s so many amazing things to do and different places to visit, and it you do your research, you can do this trip on the cheap, very cheap – so there’s no need to worry about spending your year’s wages on one holiday.

Sample the City’s amazing food and markets and sun yourself on one it’s stunning beaches.

Nice, we’ll defo be seeing you this summer anyways.

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