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Five Things That Were Forbidden Growing Up In An Irish Household

The Irish are justly famous for their hospitality. But the flip side of this welcoming tradition is that, in every Irish household, there are unwritten – but FIRM – rules of conduct.


Many of these rules  seem so normal to Irish people that to see them written down in black and white seems just as hilarious as the fact that we follow them without thinking.

These are all things that we were FORBIDDEN to do as children growing up in Ireland:

  1. Letting The Heat Out 

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When you walk into a room and don’t close the door behind you in the middle of winter, you’re just seriously asking for abuse from your old pair.

2. Forgetting To Put Sticks On The Fire


To let the fire go out on your watch is seen as a sign of pure laziness and selfishness. Prepare to hear your Mother screaming something like – ”How could you let the fire out in the name of GOD?? You’re the laziest YOKE I’ve ever come across”.

3. Leaving The Immersion On 


This is hands down the worst thing you could ever do in an Irish house. The minute you realise you’ve done the dreaded act and left the immersion on ALL night, it’s the minute you realise you better pack your bags and move out because the minute that ESB bill arrives through the post, you’re DEAD.

4. Not Opening The Curtains At The Crack Of Dawn 


Leaving the curtains closed usually means no one has bothered getting up yet. You’re Mother is probably on her way back from Mass so prepare for her to BURST into your room and give you an earful while ripping the curtains across the wall. ”Get out of bed you LAZY article”.

5. Throwing Your Dinner In The Bin 

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Even if you only have a crumb of a carrot left on your plate, it’s no place for the bin. All leftovers go into the bowl for the dogs dinner later that night. And if you’re caught wasting food, you’ll be ATE!



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