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Blog: Eating healthy is not always easy, the struggle is real

1) Coconut water – After reading that Fleur East from X Factor fame drank bottles of coconut water, I too decided that I must drink coconut water. Secretly hoping that it would bless us with awesome abs and toned legs, all it gave was the sudden urge to throw it back into the SPAR that […]

Blog: Claire’s Smooth and Silky No bake Christmas Chocolate Tart

It is Christmas so forget calorie counting, pointing, adding up syncs or any other way you look after your waist line 🙂 It is the season of complete, guilt free over indulgence, Honest!! Like me are you the one cooking the Christmas dinner? if so you know that the cooker in under super pressure trying […]

How Many Calories Will You Take in on Christmas Day?

It has been revealed that we, most probably, consumed 7,000 calories on Christmas Day and took in over 2,000 of these calories before you sit down for dinner! But if we consume so many calories, where do they come from? Here is a breakdown of where you will take in calories this Christmas. Glass of […]

Darina Allen Remembers Rachel As Being A Great Party Girl

The ladies at Ballymaloe have really made a name for themselves over the years, from Myrtle Allen, to Darina showing homes around Ireland how to execute the perfect meal and now Rachel Allen is following in the footsteps of her mother-in-law, who once taught her how to turn her talent into a successful business. Speaking […]

Delicious Christmas Recipes from M&S

Looking for something fun to make this Christmas? Then these Christmas cookies are ideal. The Maple sausage and brussels sprouts hash also has our mouths watering already. All your ingredients are available in Marks & Spencer Christmas cookies Ready in 25 minutes • Makes approximately 20   300g brown sugar 175g butter 1 egg 300g plain […]

Woman Creates Ingenious Way to Present Food to her Kids

Chinese-born, Indonesian woman, has created an ingenious way to present food to her kids. Anne Widya, who lives in Hong Kong, plates up her children’s dinner in a fun and creative way. Wouldn’t we have loved this when we were younger. Anne cooks for her husband Matthew and their four kids: Julie, 13, Charles, 12, Andrew, […]

RECIPE: Roast pumpkin, coconut & chilli soup

We don’t know about you, but we are HUGE fans of soup during the winter months. When home-made, soup tends to be super healthy and has many benefits to keep us feeling tip-top. Not to mention, soup is the ultimate comfort food! This little recipe from Donal Skehan is a winner in our books-its really […]


The New York Times have made Dublin the focus of their most recent ’36 Hours’ segment, a travel series which highlights the best of what major cities across the world have to offer. The article and accompanying video, which can be seen here, discusses the cuisine, architecture, culture and, of course, the people that make the […]

5 Ways to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

We’ve all been there, you’ve been looking forward to your glass of wine all day and then when the moment arrives the corkscrew is nowhere to be found. But fear not, we have some genius tips to solve this dilemma! Open it with your shoe Yes honestly! Remove the wrapping around the cork then place […]

The ugly truth behind how much exercise it takes to burn off certain foods

Instead of counting calories, scientists now want to tell people how much exercise it would take to burn off certain your favourite meals. We have a feeling this could be a lot more effective than trying to work out calories and how much fat is in food. By looking at just how long it would […]

What is Your Favourite Halloween Treat?

Trick or treating is one of the highlights of any person’s childhood and even as a parent trick or treating can be an exciting adventure. No matter how you label or define the whole process it really is all about the sweets and what sweets you come home with at the end of the night. […]

TV3 is calling out for diners to take part in The Restaurant

Fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie? The popular show, The Restaurant is back for another season, and they are looking for guests to take part. This will be the tenth series of the show, and we can’t wait to see it back on our screens again! The Restaurant will go into production next […]

RECIPE: Pumpkin, Goats Cheese and Kale Tart

Oh look, its our old friend Kale again-this time in a delicious tart with goats cheese and pumpkin. This tart absolutely perfect for the autumn months, and with pumpkin and kale now in season, its definitely a must! This particular tart serves 8 people, but don’t forgot you can half or modify the ingredients to […]

Blast from the past: Vintage chocolate bars

  In honour of it being National Chocolate Week (what a great thing to devote a week to), we had a look at some old school chocolate bars from back in the day! Take a trip down memory lane, though some are still on sale-with different wrappers of course. Can you remember some of these?? […]

8 Foods That Improve Your Hair Growth

Trying to get your hair to grow can be quite infuriating and it can take ages!!! Maintaining a natural glow in your hair and keeping it strong is also quite difficult. Here are 8 foods that you should incorporate into your diet to improve the strength and condition of your hair. Salmon Salmon is loaded […]

Are you shocked by the calorie content in these popular foods?

  So we couldn’t help but be a little shocked by this! We had a look at the calorie and fat content of everyday popular foods, and its safe to say we’ll be switching (or least trying to) switch to healthier alternatives for some of our favourites. So while your sitting down to your full […]

RECIPE: Wild Mushroom and Wicklow Blue Toasties

“This recipe is easy to make, yet is still full of taste. It is great as a starter for a dinner party, or a weekend treat with a glass of wine.” Toasties for many, are a go-to food, but why not jazz it up a little? These wild mushroom and Wicklow blue toasties are perfect […]

FOOD: Why Potatos Are Actually Not The Fattening Choice

Happy National Potato Day! We Irish have always been about the spuds, but lately in this carb obsessed culture, potatoes are generally viewed as heavy, starchy cellulite in a creamy or crispy form. And they can be, but that usually comes from our input. We fry them, bake them, add beans, cheese and creamy sauces. […]

RECIPE: Penne with Pumpkin, Crispy Pancetta, Sage and Parmesan

  Taken from Nevin McGuire’s latest book, ‘The Nations Favourite Food Fast’, this delicious recipe is quick, simple, and doesn’t require a ton of ingredients. Sometimes, we need to venture away from spaghetti bolognese and chicken and chips (not that we don’t love these dishes), and go for something a little different. This pasta dish […]

Recipe: Egg Mayonaise with a twist

This recipe is a little twist on classic egg mayonnaise and are delicious when eaten alone, or as a salad accompaniment. The filled eggs make perfect nibbles for a party or any occasion, and are super simple to make, taking no time at all! The egg whites are filled with seasoned yolk, making them slightly […]