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There are so many times when people once they experience a runny nose or sore throat, straight away they’re off to the Doctor to be prescribed an antibiotic medicine to cure their supposed illness. Although before you jump the gun it is best to try some natural remedies before filling your body with chemicals. Believe […]

Recipe Ideas: Engergising Salad.

With summer now arrived, salads are a great, nutritious meal to quickly whip up for lunch or dinner. Salads don’t have to be boring, and when you use your imagination, they can be a delicious and healthy alternative to bulkier meals for the summer. We have picked a delicious recipe for an energising salad, designed […]

Women’s Fitness Plus Special: Healthy Eating Tips

Looking to kick-start your summer health and fitness plan? Lorraine Hall, Personal Trainer and Head Nutritionist of Women’s Fitness Plus shares her top healthy eating tips to get you started.  .   Set yourself up for success- Believe in yourself Plan your healthy eating regime as a number of small manageable steps rather than one big […]


Since November 2013 demonstrations have been taking place in the Thai capital of Bangkok with protests escalating quickly into extreme violence. Political unrest has reached boiling point as the Thai army announced that the military would be taking over the government. A military presence has been focused in the capital of Bangkok and a nationwide […]

Restaurant Review: West 29 Restolounge

If there’s one thing we love do to here at RSVP, it’s eat. That’s why we’ve decided to start bringing you personal and honest restaurant reviews from all over Ireland. First up, we’re going to the County Louth town of Drogheda. The West 29 Restolounge is situated in the Westcourt Hotel on west street (I […]

Recipe For Healthier Pancakes

Just 88 calories per pancake and 530 calories for the batch of six – enjoy.  Ingredients 2 whole eggs + 1egg white 1/4 cup fat free natural yogurt 1 scoop whey protein (you can put single sachets if you don’t want to buy a tub) 1/2 cup oats 1/2 teaspoon sweetener   Mix all ingredients […]

Michael O’Leary Promised €10 Flights To US When New Service Launches

He is definitely getting soft in the head. Michael O’Leary has said that Ryanair will sell flights to the US for €10 when it finally manages to get the long haul aircraft needed. Speaking at the Irish Hotels Federation conference in Meath today, Michael explained that $10 flights from the US to Europe would also run, […]

Jamie Heaslip Shares His Food Diary And Shows His Favourite Boxers

Is that Jamie Heaslip in a pair of Homer Simpson boxers? He may have tweeted the picture but apparently it is not, as he told us himself, he did stay quiet on who owned the fashionable briefs, pal Dave Kearney is certainly getting a laugh out of them. Jamie is great at keeping us updated […]

Blondie’s Kitchen: Healthy Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

As we start the count down for the most wonderful time of the year, these weeks are all about prepping for the festive season. So in November, some grow mustaches for charity, some abstain from alcohol and some ready the body for the onslaught of festive celebrations. Well, this November I have decided to jump […]

White Magic: Radio Star Siobhán O’Connor Hits The Slopes Of Tirol

This month, radio star Siobhán O’Connor hits the stunning slopes of Tirol for an action-packed, fun-filled winter break! Rihanna sings “like diamonds in the sky”, but while skiing down the breathtaking runs the Kitzbuheler Horn has to offer, I was singing, “like diamonds in the snow”. The memories of the powder glistening will stay with me […]

Top 6 Tips To Cure Your Hangover

We’ve all been there; hell, some of us are there right now. You had a great time last night but now your body is taking revenge in the form of a banging headache, dodgy stomach and a tongue like Gandhi’s flip-flop. Well, you’ll be happy to know we have the remedies that will restore your […]

Bord Bia Study Reveals That More Irish People Are Ditching Fast Food

It looks like the reign of fast food in Ireland may be coming to an end. According to the results of new research carried out by Bord Bia, 48% of us are now ditching convenience foods in favour of healthier, home-cooked alternatives. What is more, the study also reveals that three quarters of the country’s […]

Blondie’s Kitchen – JR’s Handmade Rose Water Marshmallow

This week I have the great honour to be working with the legendary Matriarch of Irish cooking, the great Myrtle Allen. We are shooting the revised ubiquitous classic The Ballymaloe Cookbook. While here I have been gathering delicious recipes and the head pastry and sweet chef, the amazing John Robert Ryall was very kind to […]

Catherine Fulvio’s Wheat-Free Rye Soda Bread Recipe

    Whether you suffer from wheat intolerance or are simply watching your figure, cutting out bread from your diet can often leave you with few options for a lunch or light meal that is as tasty as it is healthy. With the following recipe from her new book The Weekend Chef – Easy Food […]

Crazy Amount Of Sugar In Random Foods

Highly addictive, horribly debilitating, unfortunately pervasive, and freaking delicious. If you had to point to ONE culprit to our country’s expanding waistlines and rapidly deteriorating health, it would be sugar. How much sugar is really in your food? You would imagine Coke has the highest amount of sugar but baked beans?? Also, “healthy” cereal has more sugar than […]

7 Of The Worst Processed Foods

Let’s admit it, there can be many benefits to eating processed foods, they’re quick, easy, cheap and a great hangover cure. But there is no denying the many hidden costs behind eating processed food. It is no secret by now that the vast majority of processed foods are not healthy. In general, they are very […]

Exclusive Interview with Roz Flanagan

Many women live in fear of reaching the big 5-0, some ignore it, more lie about it, and others, like Roz Flanagan, just give it a great big welcome hug and get on with it! Her birthday party in Marbella was a celebration for family and close friends and was also a way for Roz to acknowledge the good things in her life, as well as showing us how fabulous she looks.

Fresh From The Chef; Roast Butternut Squash Risotto

This weeks mouthwatering recipe from Sous Chef Kevin Mortell of Jacques Restaurant is a tempting Roast Butternut Squash Risotto with Wild Mushroom, Goats Cheese & Braised fennel. Can we get a ‘yum’? Yum. Right out of the chef himself’s book of recipes, this gorgeous dish is very much in season as fennel, one of the […]