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Gardai issue serious warning for anyone who has accesses their bank online


Gardai have issued a serious warning for anyone who accesses their bank account online.

According to Gardai banking online dramatically increases the danger of having your data hacked.

At least 70 per cent of Irish people use smart phones on a regular basis and they are urging people to be careful about what information they store on their phone.

A garda spokesperson told the Irish Sun:

“Vast amounts of our personal data are now being stored on mobile devices including financial information, personal photographs and even our location history. This information is of major interest to cybercriminals.”

They added:

“The Garda Cyber Crime Bureau is alerting you to the fact that passwords for your online bank accounts may be at risk if your mobile device is subjected to a malware attack. Sensitive business information or transactions can be compromised by targeted attack on unsecured devices.”

In order to keep your personal information secure they have advised that you should only use apps from a trusted sources, therefore if you are banking online ensure you use your bank’s official app.

In addition you should keep your phone backed up, and ensure your software is up to date.

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