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Gerald Kean And Lisa Murphy Split

RSVP is sad to report the breakup of the relationship between our columnist, Lisa Murphy and her fiancé Gerald Kean. It has been reported that Lisa has moved out of the couples luxury thirteen bedroom home in Wicklow and has moved in with fellow ‘Dublin Housewife’, Jo Jordan.  Lisa has previously been engaged twice, firstly to boxer Joe Egan and then to Michael Flatley with whom she had a high profile relationship for six years. She was recently quoted in the Irish Independent as saying;

I’ve been engaged three times — and I’ve never tried on a wedding dress.

Gerald and Lisa were the golden couple of the Celtic tiger and were renowned for their lavish lifestyle. The couple who have been together nearly five years, got engaged at Christmas 2009 in Residence private members club and have been fixtures on the Irish social scene ever since. Lisa, who made no secret of the fact that she was eager to start a family, was hoping that the third time around it would be for real.

Rumours about a rift in their relationship started to surface last May, when it was reported they had cancelled the biggest socialite wedding of the year, although at the time both parties denied a wedding had even been planned.

The couple have been through a lot in the past few years. In May 2011 masked robbers entered their home and stole jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of euro, including Lisa’s engagement ring. Lisa was tied up during the raid and threatened at knifepoint, leaving her badly shaken.

Solicitor Gerald was previously married to Clodagh Kean and has one daughter, Kirsten, from that relationship.

Lisa has more recently been appearing in TV3’s Dublin housewives alongside Virginia Macari, Roz Flanagan, Danielle Meagher and Jo Jordan, with whom she is now living.

Gerald revealed to RSVP that his wedding would be in Ireland and that Christmas was a possibility. Sadly that wasn’t to be.



Ladieee Jolie ! I think not ! Pete Burns maybe. Get real Lisa !!!!


Lady Jolie !!!! I think not. Pete Burns maybe. Get real Lisa.


so sad to hear this news, had the couple on a flight i was working a few years ago….. they were lovley very down to earth people.


What happened my comment???? Lisa can do much better! Onwards and upwards…


It was only going to be a matter of time – she’s fake from head to toe!

Lay of the land

Gerald is a top bloke. He is not a gullible fool and knows exactly what he is doing at all times. Here’s to him enjoying the here and now.

Upset in Kilkenny

What a tragedy. Sunday has been declared a national day of mourning.

Boo hoo hoo.


What exactly is the Irish social scene?

Shocked in Glenageary.

Seriously. I can’t believe this. In no way did I ever think that she was just stringing the gullible fool along while she milked every penny she could out of him.

I wonder who her next victim, sorry, fiance will be.

The head on her.

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