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Getting the body shape you want isn’t about intense workouts

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Challenging, consistent and planned weight training is one of the most important ingredients in becoming fitter, stronger, healthier and getting the body shape you want, but the real deciding factor in whether you get the results long term, is actually more to do with your daily activity, and less about lots of intense workouts, according  fitness experts.

“I always tell my clients that real fitness begins at home,” says senior personal trainer, Jonathan Ledden.

“Whether you are starting out at a beginner level, or just trying to hit some new fitness goals, what you do day to day will not only determine your ongoing progression in fitness, but more importantly your overall enjoyment of your new healthier lifestyle.”


Jonathan says that the easiest thing to do starting out is to add some extra exercise into your day without adding too much extra time. For example, Jonathan says he cycles to work every day.

“It only takes me about 25 minutes each way and I get a load of fresh air and some decent cardio, which helps boost my energy levels and heart health. If I tried to fit this into my gym routine it would mean trying to fit in over 4 extra hours of standard cardio.”

“There’s absolutely no way I would be able to do this with work and family commitments, but I love my cycle into work, as it helps clear my head and gets me around the heavy Dublin trafffic.”

Jonathan says that the point is to look at your daily habits and see where you can add in some new and more active habits that you know you will stick to.

“Try to add in cycling as a way of getting around, walk to the local shops instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the elevators, do more housework etc.”

The message is basically, move your body as much as possible by creating some habits, which are easy, active, enjoyable, and that you don’t give a second thought to.

“If you do this, then when you actually set aside specific time for working out, you can concentrate on planned weight training, which will help you improve posture, strength and body shape.”

Jonathan Ledden 

BodyByrne Fitnesss

Senior Personal Trainer

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