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#Gintastic: Our Top Five Gin Choices To Try This Weekend

It seems gin has become the new vodka! Whatever that means, but according to one Dublin barman, ‘you can keep the stuff in stock when the sun is shining.’ From gin cocktails, to gin festivals, yes, there is a gin festival coming to Dublin from Friday June 2 to Monday June 5 and it is free, gin is certainly bang on trend.

So, as it is Friday, and most of us are planning on having a little tipple over the weekend, we have put together a list of our favourite types of gin that you MUST taste this summer


Hendricks gin with cucumber and fever tea tonic



We don’t need to say much more, a touch of joy in a glass.


Dingle gin and tonic with a slice of lemon and a lot of ice


Made in Dingle, Ireland, this gin would be categorised as a London dry gin but it has a unique character and flavours that give it that extra kick. It is becoming more and more popular and tastes good with any tonic or even in a cocktail.

Bombay sapphire

The grandfather of gins, Bombay was popular before gin became trendy and set the scene for gin lovers. It is fresh, full of citrus and juniper “flavours combined with a light spicy finish”. You can’t wrong.



Thin Gin

Thin gin is a relatively new Irish gin that has a distinctive fruity taste. It describes itself as “juniper perfume mingles with strong citrus notes of orange, lemon and lime on the nose. It uses all Irish grown botanicals such as apple, wild thyme, elder flowers, white clover and tansy.” Worth a try for the flavour alone.

Beefeater gin

Another old-school gin, Beefeater is a true gin drinkers favourite. It is great in cocktails and has also been described as ‘delicious’ when mixed with ginger ale. Why not give it a go?

Have you any recommendations for us? We would be happy to try them out and let you know our thoughts.


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