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Gogglebox Ireland Fans Left Teary-Eyed As Eileen Opens Up About Her Sons Death

This was so sad….

It has to be said that last night’s episode of Gogglebox Ireland was the most emotional one yet.

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Fans watched as our favourite couch potatoes tuned into Channel 4’s ‘A Killing In The Family’ – a documentary that looks at the heartbreaking effects a murder in the family has on those who are left behind.

They were particularly moved as a trio of sisters – Chloe, Chelsea, and Lottie opened up about how they both lost parents to a murder suicide.

In the shocking documentary, the girls admitted: ‘‘They split up … Dad was jealous. He came up with a plan. He parked the car round the corner so the dogs wouldn’t bark … just stabbed her several times. She tried to run up the stairs but it was too late …”

After the harrowing story has ended, much loved Eileen in Castleknock turned to her friend Angela to speak about her son’s death, and fans were left so saddened by what she had to say.

She said: ”I was so mad when Tom died, so so angry”.

”Someone said to me, you’ve an angel in heaven now. But I didn’t want an angel, I want my son”.

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