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Hairdresser helps teenage depression sufferer by giving her an amazing hair transformation

Kayley Olsson Facebook

Depression can be as debilitating as having two broken legs and it can come at any stage of life.

An image of a 16-year-old who was suffering so badly with depression that she could not brush her hair has gone viral for a heartwarming reason.

When the girl, who has not been named, walked into Kayley Olson’s salon asking for all of her matted locks to be shaved off, Kayley sprang into action trying to save the girl’s hair.

The girl’s hair was so matted that it took Kayley 13 hours to fix.

According to Kayley, the teenager was suffering with such bad with depression that she was only getting out of bed during the day to go to the toilet.

The before photographs show the girl’s dark hair full of knots, and the second a healthy, wavy cropped style.

Kayley Olsson’s facebook

The girl  had decided that she would go back to school, but couldn’t face having her year book photo taken.

Luckily the girl met a hairdresser who cared enough to take the time to give her her confidence back.

After Kayley had made the stunning transformation, she took to Facebook, and wrote:

“When she walked in she told us just cut it all off I can’t deal with the pain of combing it out, she called herself worthless for it.

“At the end of the day I want this to be a lesson to people. MENTAL HEALTH is a thing and it affects people all around the world of all ages!”

The viral Facebook post ended with a quote from the girl she helped:

“I will actually smile for my schools pictures today, you made me feel like me again,” she said.

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By Katie Drea

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