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Here’s why the average couple doesn’t have sex everyday

There’s a reason behind why the average couple doesn’t have sex everyday, and scientists have just revealed it.

Scientists wanted to find out the reason behind the average couple not having sex everyday. They got 214 couples to keep a diary. The couples were asked to keep track of when they had sex over two weeks, and to record how satisfied they were with the sex and in their relationships. They were the asked the same 6 months later.

According to scientists, the reason we don’t have sex everyday is due to our natural cycles. The diaries revealed that the ‘afterglow’ of sex lasts roughly 2 days. The survey revealed that this ‘afterglow’, or two day high, plays a large role in keeping couples happy.

On average the participants in the survey had sex every 3.5 days. The results also showed that the “afterglow” lasted two days but faded after three.

Scientists deduced from this that the afterglow was most likely closely linked to natural cycles.

A man’s sperm count takes three days to recover, and two days is the maximum time sperm can survive inside the female reproductive tract.

According to psychologist Dr Andrea Meltzer, who led the research at Florida State University, their researched showed that “sexual satisfaction remains elevated 48 hours after sex.”

“The afterglow appears to last approximately the same length of time it takes for peak sperm concentration to be restored,” she said.

Adding, “And people with a stronger sexual afterglow report higher levels of relationship satisfaction several months later.”

So now you know. The “after sex high” lasts two days, and it’s due to our natural cycles.

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