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Here’s how you can get your money back if you paid water charges


As water charged look set to be suspended for up to two years, experts have revealed how customers who have already paid their bill can get their money back.

According to the Mirror, Irish Water customers can get their money back if they paid a bill by direct debit in recent weeks.

The Central Bank confirmed that under the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) banking rules, customers can apply for a refund on any direct debit within eight weeks of the payment being made.

A spokesperson told The Irish Mirror:

“The Scheme grants payers a ‘no-questions-asked’ refund right during the eight weeks following the debiting of a payer’s account. During this time therefore, any funds collected by SDD Core will be credited back to the payer’s account upon request.”

water charges

They added:

“You should note however that if a consumer requests a refund the requirement to make a payment / pay a bill etc remains.”

Irish Water have yet to notify customers of any changes as the government are yet to announce a final decision on the utility.

A spokeswoman told the publication:

“No final policy change resulting from current political talks has been conveyed to Irish Water. When we are informed by government of any policy decisions that affect Irish Water or water charges we will assess the implications of those decisions for our customers, our operations and for our staff.”

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