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How to Beat Brassiness and Keep Your Blonde Hair Looking Creamy and Gorgeous



Keeping blonde hair healthy and full of life is a difficult task, and the harsh weather here in Ireland makes things even harder.

Hair that has been tampered with, especially with bleach, is prone to drying up, as bleach takes away all of the natural oils in your hair.

We are all guilty of not giving our hair the TLC it deserves, and often damaging it with a broad range of threatening chemicals and electrical products.

When we get our colour done we feel clean, fresh and fabulous –  however, upkeep is essential in maintaining that freshly done look.



Make brassy, dry and limp hair a thing of the past with these top tips….

Natural Coniditioning:
Transform those split ends with the help of nature, rub coconut oil onto wet hair and leave on for one or two hours. The oil acts as a conditioning treatment. If you are guilty of over-heating your hair with straighteners, curlers and the works, then this is the ideal treatment for you.



From Brass to Class:

Getting your colour done can cost a bomb. Rather than jumping to the hair salon and spending half your wages, why not visit your local boots, or Terri Sales? Silver/Purple shampoo can add on months to your colour as it diminishes the look of brassy tones. Get ready to be asked “Have you got your highlights done?” on several occasions.

Don’t overuse this product however, all you need is a small amount for the ends to add brightness.

Via Boots.
Via Boots.


Getting the chop:
Although putting your hair in the hands of an eager, scissors holding hairdresser is not one of our favourite activities, it is absolutely necessary. It is usually recommended to get a trim every 6-8 weeks. A regular trim will minimise split ends, retain length and reduce breakage.

via Shutterstock
via Shutterstock

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