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HSE issue fake alcohol warning

The HSE have this week issued a serious health warning after a man was hospitalised after drinking what he thought was vodka.

The man who is seriously ill in hospital, was given vodka, which actually turned about to be methanol which was sold as vodka.

According to the Irish Independent, the vodka was bought in Ballymun, and the bottle was filled with the highly-toxic methanol.

Methanol is a clear fluid which reportedly provides the same initial ‘high’ as regular alcohol – but leads to devastating side effects.

Gardai and the Food Safety Authority are investigating and the HSE has warned people to be vigilant for fake or counterfeit alcohol.

Some of the advice includes to only buy your alcohol from a recognised shop, off-license or licensed premises, and if you have bought alcohol from somewhere other than these locations, people are urged not to drink it.

Anyone suffering any concerning symptoms should seek urgent medical treatment.

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