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A Huge Congratulations Is In Order For Pippa O’Connor

It seems that Irish models have been turning their hands to book writing in the past couple of years, and between Rosanna, Roz and Pippa – the POCO businesswoman has topped the list for most book sales.

Via Instagram

Via Instagram

The stunning Mother, businesswoman and blogger has well and truly proved herself as an all-round talent, and her accolades just continue to grow by the year.

Speaking to The Herald, managing director of Penguin Ireland Michael McLoughlin said,”We are thrilled. Pippa’s book was the 13th best-selling title in Ireland last year and was the third best selling non-fiction book of the year”.

”With Pippa, we knew she had a huge social media following and is very popular in her own right”.



“We were pleasantly surprised how well the book has done, which just goes to show that people are interested in hearing about the lives of people such as Pippa O’Connor.”

According to The Herald, Pippa’s book, namely Simple Tips To Live Beautifully has sold 24,000 copies- which is 10,000 over and above her colleagues Roz Purcell and Rosanna Davison.

Roz’s Natural Born Feeder has sold 13,320 since January 2016, while Rosanna’s Eat Yourself Beautiful sold 10,483.

Perhaps Pippa’s debut book did so well was for the fact that it wasn’t just about staying fit and eating healthily, it was about lifestyle, fashion and well…. how to simply live beautifully.

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