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Ireland Branded ‘Puppy Farm Capital Of Europe’

We’re getting an awful name for ourselves …

According to The Irish Sun, Ireland has been branded the “puppy farm capital of Europe”, as experts warn that illegal dog-breeding in the country is now at an industrial scale.

Credit: Carmel Murray

Credit: Carmel Murray

Thousands of puppies worth hundreds of euros each are shipped to British ports and then on to mainland Europe every year, many of them secreted in the back of vans and cars.

Brian Gillen, head of the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) described the current situation as a “a national disgrace” and is calling for action to end the canine cruelty.

He said: “Our aim is to put them out of business. The more we interrupt their trade, the more it hits them where it hurts: in their pockets. We want to make it uneconomic for them to continue.”

Seven intelligence-led seizures at Irish ports over the past two months alone have yielded 150 puppies.

Most were so-called “designer breeds” such as Beagles, Bichon Frises, French Bulldogs or King Charles Spaniels. One shipment discovered in a car boot recently was worth just under €30,000.

Many of the puppies are too young to travel, lack mandatory pet passports and microchips and are a potential health risk due to a failure to inoculate them against the deadly rabies virus.

Please consider an animal shelter if you’re thinking about adopting a dog. More often than not, this is where these poor puppies end up.

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