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Ireland’s Most Talented Make Up Artist


There is nothing more tranquil than getting your make-up done and feeling relaxed and comfortable in the hands of an esteemed make-up artist.

We have worked with some the country’s best and most experienced make- up artists in our fantastic magazine shoots and it is no secret that Ireland has some wonderful and creative make-up gods and goddesses.

RSVP is on a very special mission to find the public’s favourite and to crown Ireland’s Most Talented Make Up Artist….. And the overall decision is in YOUR HANDS.

The lucky winner will feature in RSVP Magazine where they will showcase their amazing talent and let us in on their secret to be being so successful.


AND THE WINNER IS……….. Blathnaid Murphy





Katie Mann

Sarah Keary did my make up for a wedding recently and I was delighted with it. Lasted all day and looked so natural. The photos look great too. Silk purse out of a sow’s ear…! Thanks so much Sarah!




Sarah Keary simply the best !!!!!

Rachel Delaney

Best of luck Laura.
From Rachel Delaney.x

Martha O Malley

Sarah Keary is amazing


Sarah Keary she is just fab

Brid O Neill

Sarah Keary all the way

noelle Fitzgerald

Laura halvey make up artist all the way to win

noelle Fitzgerald

Laura halvey make up artist all the way to win


Laura halvey make up artist is the best


Sarah Keary best of luck you are a star


So many amazing make up artists in this competition
But it has to be Sarah Keary


Caroline Coyne – such a Professional ! Her knowledge, talent and genuine interest in her client ensures you come away 100% satisfied and feeling super glamorous ! Best wishes Caroline.

Julie Ann

Caroline Coyne is totally amazing….. She deserves this hands down….. I’m sure the others are very good also but Caroline is exceptional at her job…. Good luck Caroline

Mairead Nolan

Best of luck Sarah Keary

Deirdre Lynch

Sarah Keary gorgeous glamorous and gracious


Sarah Cummins
Simply the Best !


Sarah Cummins

The best in the business, gorgeous and glamorous…all the way!

Louise Casey

Sarah Keary to win ! Amazing MUA


catherine hickey is the best! Very professional

Nicola Butler

Best of luck Sarah Keary! You definitely deserve to win! Thanks so much for all of the times you’ve done my make-up! x

    Charlotte O Halloran

    Sarah Keary is amazing and a complete pro !!!!

    I wouldn’t use anyone else

Cara O Reilly

Good luck Sarah Keary

Martha Elliot

Sarah Keary all th way


Sarah Keary is the Harry potter of the Irish Make Up Industry she’s a magician


go Sarah.

Kim murphy

sarah cummins she is just fab❤️


Pauline Fletcher is the best Makeup Artist in Ireland. She is extremely good at her job (magical really) and a sweetheart too!

Ellen O Donovan

Sarah cummins does amazing work I hope she wins!!!


Sarah Keary hands down, best make up artist I’ve ever seen


Sarah Keary just amazing you go doll xxx

Jennifer F

Sarah Keary incredibly talented and you will have to go along way to find a nicer girl


Has to be Sarah Keary by far the most talented make up artist


Best of luck to Sarah Keary you are amazing Sarah


Sarah Keary should win this for making me feel amazing on wedding day thanks again Sarah

    Aileen Ruttledge

    Best of luck Sarah Keary!!! ☺


Sarah Keary all the way you go girl


Best of Luck Catherine Hickey. Without a doubt the best make-up artist.


Blaithnaid Murphy hands down, best make up artist I’ve ever seen

Karen Cronin

sarah cummins AMAZING make up artist. ❤️ such a talented girl


    This is the make up artist with the WOW factor! Fabulous work. Go Sarah!!


Go Sarah Keary you are so talented and deserve to win this


Joanne peden is super talented she has also been nominated for the image awards this shows something!


Annette O’Brien-a league of her own. Good luck!


Gowan the Make-Up Fairy! Joanne has some serious creativity which makes her stand out from the rest (though I am sure everyone on the list is super talented in their own right). 🙂


Sarah Cummins mahon point cork, out standing..


Pauline is a fantastic make-up and the loveliest person you could meet z

Mairead Duffy-Bradbury

Pauline Fletcher is an amazingly talented makeup artist! Keep up the hard work Pauline 🙂

Brenda Casey

Pauline Fletcher is an a very talented lady who has made many of us look stunning,at times defying the odds! Adh mor Pauline..

Mary o farrell

Sarah Cummins is an amazing make up artist. Check out her facebook page and judge for yourself. No air brushing, all natural. What’s more she is a beautiful person who makes you feel beautiful even before she transforms you. You go Sarah. A winner anyway


Kim o sullivan . Without a doubt the deserving winner .

Wishing all the fellow nominee’s best wishes and congrats to you all 🙂


Kim o sullivan . Bursting with brilliant skill and talent . Makeup maestro . already an award winner . She deserves this one .. best of luck kim


Go kim o sullivan i hope she wins all the love @xunicornnarryx

Heidi Messenger

Caroline Coyne gets my vote everytime, part make up artist, part magician! X

Lisa McMahon

best of luck Aoife Garrihy !

    Orla Nolan

    Good luck Niamh Keogh!

    Orla Nolan

    Best of luck Niamh Keogh!!

S Barcoe

Best of luck Niamh Keogh xxx


Caroline Coyne is Amazing! Shes truly talented. She is such a bubbly + friendly person. Her advice & tips are so helpful ♡ best of luck!


best of luck Aoife Garrihy MUA ! She deserves it in everyway ,amazing talent x

Mary Mc Cabe

Best luck to Niamh Keogh

Helena Martin

Pauline Fletcher absolutely amazing make up artist as well as being a lovely lovely person!


Caroline coyne is the best make up artist ever.Best of luck you deserve to win.

Elizabeth Whelan

I’ve none Caroline a very long time. You couldn’t meet a nicer more beautiful person. You leave her studio looking and feeling like a queen. She is an exceptionally talented and skilled artist who is most certainly at the top of her game. I recommend her every time.

Paula Donnelly

Go Pauline Fletcher-definitely deserves to win. X

Brid madden

Excellent at her job


Kim o sullivan . Hands down the most recognised name in the makeup and brow game at the moment and rightly so . And such a kind profession lady to deal with


Sarah Keary all the way !!!!!!!


Best of luck Sarah Keary big fan of your work

Martha Naughton

best of luck Caroline. Such a talented make up artist and so naturally beautiful herself both inside and out. You really deserve this. Good luck

Darre O'Malley

Best of luck Caroline Coyne, your an amazing girl and make-up artist you truly deserve this x


Caroline Coyne is exceptional. I think it was Picasso who asked ‘Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?’ Well Caroline the talented artist & wonderful person sees it all. She invests herself entirely into each & every client & job. Her warmth & beauty inside & out is reflected in all she does. She truly deserves the recognition & every success in her future xxx

Donna walsh

best of luck Caroline Coyne you deserve it so much you are just unreal xxx


Caroline coyne, deserves this, she is so so talented, but has also worked very hard to get where she is today, at the top of her game. An absolute lady. Best in the business.

Sarah G

Vote for Caroline Coyne she is fabulous


Hard to beat Joanne larby, she’s the best!

Catherine Smith

Vote for Niamh Keogh, she is just amazing.

Gillian Folan

There isn’t one bad thing to say about Caroline! I booked Caroline through word of mouth for my wedding 6mths ago! From start to finish it was a pleasure! The gift she has is unbelievable! From my mum to me to bridesmaids we are all very different and she made everyone look so so beautiful! She is such a sweet genuine girl aswell! I would never trust another soul with make up! She is truly unique at what she does and there isn’t another person who deserves this more! She is a darling


joanne larby all the way! X

Collette Coyne

Best of luck to the lovely Caroline Coyne, you deserve it xx


Caroline coyne is a fantastic make up artist and such a lovely lady. Good luck Caroline

Orla Duffy

Caroline Coyne such a talented MUA….really deserves this .best of luck!!

    Margaret Tierney

    What can I say about Caroline Coyne she is unique, she has such a great way about her . She makes you feel so comfortable while you are having your make up done. For all my events in Console Caroline does my make up. ……….. She is a winner.

jenni flaherty

Caroline Coyne is super talented and such a lovely lovely person! She most definitely deserves this 🙂


Best of luck Caroline Coyne!!

    annette varley

    Best of luck Caroline

    Tricia Coyne

    Best of luck to the most talented make up artist that was ever born. ” u go girl”

Orla Duffy

Caroline Coyne is such a talented MUA….really deserves this…best of luck!!


I have just scrolled through the many lovely comments from everyone wishing different MUA’s Goodluck. It is an awful shame to see that “Kerri” is the only one to write something negative probably about someone whom she doesn’t know. I hope everyone continues to wish all the competitors luck rather than post unnecessary and hurtful comments about people who have worked very hard and deserve a their name on this list.

Good luck to all involved. Xx


Caroline Coyne is a fantastic make up artist, best of luck Caroline


best if luck Caroline Coyne!!!

Sheila Fitz

Caroline Coyne amazing and deserving of this award!!best of luck Caroline


Caroline Coyne best off luck

Dani Daly

Caroline Coyne is by far the most exceptional make up artist I know! Artist is the word! She’s doing my wedding make up and I couldn’t be in better hands, like seriously!!! She above all deserves this acknowledgement as she truly is the best make up artist in Ireland!

Angela F

Caroline Coyne AMAZING <3


caroline coyne is the most amazing make up artist ever. … good luck girl x

Sinead Moran

Caroline Coyne is amazing x

Jocelyn Cunningham

Caroline Coyne is an amazing make up artist. Her talent know no bounds. Love her work!


Caroline Coyne is absolutely amazing. She so deserves this award and more. X


Caroline Coyne is the best!!!! <3


Amanda McCarty – Amazing!!

orla heffernan

Best make up artist ever!!! Best of luck xxx

Linda o Gorman

good luck Caroline Coyne the best make up artist in the world:)


Caroline coyne is brilliant!


Caroline Coyne is an amazing mua!

Gemma Brosnan

best of luck Annette O’ Brien

nicola keady

Best luck caroline coyne amazing make up artist x

Fiona Rhatigan

Caroline coyne.. best in the world <3

Lindsey brunton

I think Tracey Duggan the makeup mentor should have been nominated


Good luck Christine o connor


Best of luck Pauline Fletcher…the best wee make up artist EVER !!!! Xxx


Vote Ann marie Hughes. She really deserves this.

Teresa Fay

Caroline Coyne is an amazingly talented make up artist.


Fabiana is a very talented artist. She is professional, friendly, reliable, gorgeous and well respected. Good luck fabsyyy ❤️


Sarah Keary


Amanda McCarthy


Vote for Laura, she did the most fantastic job on my make up for my graduation, and does the most amazing eyebrows also, not surprised to see you on this list! Would recommend her to anyone! Best of luck Laura Halvey! 🙂

Tricia Mc Inerney

Best of luck Aoifa

Nicola Butler

Best of luck Sarah Keary! You have such an amazing talent and deserve to win!


vote Aoife Garrihy Mua!!

Aigars Endzelis

Amanda McCarthy is my favorite!

Aigars Endzelis

Amanda McCarthy my favorite!

Margaret Walsh

Good luck Pauline


christine 🙂 those eyebrows are fab!!!! X x x

Áine Murphy

christine 🙂 those eyebrows 🙂 absolutely fab 🙂


Joanne Peden, truly the most talented and superior make up I have used and I have had make up done by many. Magically good at what she does. Best of luck Joanne Peden!


Best of luck Pauline Fletcher

simply the best


Laura Halvey is exceptional! She did my make up last week and it was fab!

Katy Koo

I have known Pauline Fletcher since before she started in make-up over 20 years ago. She was amazingly talented then, without the training and years of experience- she is incredible now! Hope you win P!

Sharon Whyte

Best of Luck Pauline !!!


That Amy O’Neill is the real deal.


Best of luck Joanne!


Done my Debs makeup 2times
Absolutely brilliant
I dont wear makeup or very rearly
And she managed to pick up my vision perfectly
And great prices
Defo Ireland’s best


Best of luckx

dawn griffin

Best of luck laura…


Best of luck Laura Halvey unbelievable makeup artist deserves to win

Carmel KEOGH

Michelle Regazzoli to win

Amanda Brodie

Laura Halvey Good luck hun


Laura Halvey so deserved Super talented lady

cathy mcdonnell

Good luck Annette Smyth on all you accomplish.
Brilliant make up artist just BRILLIANT.

aideen kearney

Good luck Pauline Fletcher, such a talented lady, you so deserve to be recognized sweetie! X


Fabsyyyy your amazing hope you win


Is “the makeup fairy” even a makeup artist? All I see her do is horrendous makeup on herself. It would be a farce for her to win.


    Why even bother writing negative comments? Has “The Makeup Fairy” even got anything to do with you?It’s seems to me that everyone on the list has worked very hard to be nominated. You just come across like a very sad individual. It’s a real shame that people like you exist to put down the hard work of others when really it is none of your concern, if you are completely honest with yourself.


    Well jell


good luck!

Jessica Smyth

Best of luck Joanne!!!!!


Fabianna Coppela, Beautiful work


Best if luck Helen you deserve this

Caroline harte

Good luck Fabiana!!!!




Good Luck to Christine O’Connor… great to such style and talent being properly recognised. You are already a winner but fingers crossed you take this title too!! H


Blathnaid Murphy is the most talented make up artist iv ever came across 😀 X


best of luck Joanne


Come on Aoife, you deserve this so much xx

jacqueline casey

She’s not called the makeup fairy for no reason!!
Go on Joanne!! ■□


Best of Luck Michelle!!!

Timothy Collins

best of luck christine


Blainaidh Murphy is the most talented make up artist I’ve ever come across !

Samantha Elliott

Best of luck Helen


Best of Luck AnnMarie


Aoife can turn an old boot into a silk slipper


michelle regazoilli stone is the best

Vannessa Morley

Best of luck blathnaid! !


Christine O’Connor has style, gives great suggestions, has a feather-touch on the face, and makes You look sensational!


Best of luck Kate noonan


Look at you….top of the list!!!!

Eldora Team

BEST OF LUCK !!!! Aoife Garrihy

Eldora Team

Best of luck !!!!!Aoife Garrihy xx


Best of luck aoife garrihy mua you deserve it all them hours u put into your work, fantastic as always


Best of luck Annette Smyth


good luck Smyth


Aoife Garrihy, so talented


Derrick carberry best of luck babe

Deirdra Moloney

Good luck Aoife!


Best of luck Annette, you deserve it! X


Left out NICHOLA LARKIN shes really good ps she is my aunty


Best of luck Ann Marie Hughes 🙂


Left out some really good mua’s! Martha Ryan??? Olivia Murphy?? Chloe Boucher??…

Jacqueline crowley

Good luck scarlet lily and make up fairy. You are both amazeballs xx

Sarah Quinn

Blaithnaid Murphy 100%! Amazing work!


Best of luck Annette Smyth!


Best of luck Leisha – very talented young girl!


Best of luck Leisha O’Connor – very talented young girl


Best of luck too all the competitors. I would have to warn against Roisin derrane. Very good at make up application but her professionalism, communication skills and reliability leave a hell of a lot to be desired. I only post this as I have unfortunately steely befn on the receiving end of her lack of reliability.


Christine is amazing she has to win x


Best wishes Michelle Regazzoli Stone u deserve this award. Marie x


Best of luck Kate Noonan,you are amazing and deserve to win this…

Carmel Daly stylist

Tons of luck and best wishes to the very talented Roy Wong

Catherine Browne

Annette O’Brien- Annette O’Brien Make Up Artist for sure!!


The Make Up Fairy!


Charlotte Lillian to win!!! Amazing MUA x

Tara Ryan

Joanne larby aka the makeup fairy you def deserve this x best of luck


Vote Sarah amazing.

Tia Duffy

Make up fairy gets mine

Máire Cullen

Best of luck Adele !


Andrea Murphy is amazingly talented and a beautiful person inside and out x


    Andrea can adapt to any age group and context – always fantastic results

Grainne fahy

Good luck aoife garrihy


kate Noonan to win!!! The girls talent goes above and beyond! Always makes your day so much better with her magic brushes ! Good luck Kate xxxx


kate noon is amazballs


Best of luck Joanne hope you win seriously talented and fabulous!xx


Derrick Carberry best of luck


Good look Sarah dinan

louise donnelly

Sarah Cummins to win!!!!

Claire O'Toole

Hope you win Adele, you deserve it.


Leisha O’Connor to win ♡


Sarah Cummins without a doubt, congratulations already x

Karen Cronin

sarah cummins . Good luck doll xx

Sarah Cummins

so deserved Sarah Cummins


    A wonderful make up artist so deserving of the award, a very relaxing experience while being transformed


Adele Miley is the winner


Sarah cummins all day every day


Good luck Michelle x

Mandy Murphy

good luck laurence 🙂

Deborah Kearney

best of luck Andrea xx


Andrea murphy only the best


kate Noonan brilliant, best of luck MUA


Donna Morris is an artist. Deserves to win.

Sonia Tahraoui

Definitely blaithnaid Murphy or Michelle regazzoli !

Aoife Squiffy

Best of luck to the Make Up Fairy and Emma Farrell and all the other talented MUA’s

Denise McCarthy

Best of luck Joanne xx


Bestest of luck Joanne 🙂


Make Up Fairy!!


Good Luck Joanne!!


Good luck joanne


christine o’ connor without a doubt!

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