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Ireland’s Next Top Madra Visits Dog Friendly Cafe ‘Pupp’


When we heard about ‘Pupp’, the dog friendly cafe, we were immediately excited.

A combination of two of our most favourite things – dogs and brunch – what more could you want?

We got our staff dog Pedro ready, and headed off to Clanbrassil Street.

For the sake of people eating, there are a few house rules in Pupp.

Dogs MUST be house trained and they aren’t allowed to run around – which is fair enough really.

Inside, the cafe is quite small and frill free, but Pupp doesn’t try to be a lavish lunch spot – there are plenty of those around already.

The decor is simple and doggy themed, from the table cloths to the coffee cups.

The menu is delicious and there’s lots of options for hungry diners including some veggie and vegan dishes, which is really important in a place that attracts a lot of animal lovers.

There’s also a doggy shop out back with lots of interesting bits, including doggy beer for those pooches looking for a boozy brunch.

Pedro just ate some of what we were having and stuck to drinking tea, as he was on the job.

The best thing about Pupp is probably the lovely people who work there – the lady who served our table had biggest smile on her face the whole time, and you could tell she genuinely enjoyed her job.

The coffee was perfect and the food was scrumptious – but Pupp’s real appeal is its unique atmosphere.

It’s been proven that dogs make the work place more relaxed and productive, and that’s definitely the case here.

We felt so at ease in the place, and even though it was quite busy at peak lunch time hours, both the staff and customers could not have been more chilled out.

Maybe it’s time that Dublin followed Pupp’s example and became a dog friendly city where our four legged friends could come everywhere with us ….. imagine how lovely that would be!

Pupp is located on 37 Clanbrassil Street Lower, Wood Quay, Dublin. It opens from 8am-3.30pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm on weekends


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