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Irish Coast Guard helicopter missing with four  on board


A spokesman has confirmed that one crew member has now been recovered after the helicopter lost contact at 1am this morning. They are reportedly in a critical condition.

An Irish Coast Guard helicopter has been reported missing with four on board.

The Dublin-based crew were providing top cover for another Coast Guard helicopter off the coast of Mayo, when they lost contact after leaving to return to base.

The helicopter last made contact around 1am this morning.

According to the Irish Independent, search and rescue helicopters from Shannon and Sligo are currently searching for the missing craft with support from the Irish Air Corp Casa aeroplane, all-weather lifeboats from Ballyglass and Achill and five local fishing vessels.

In a statement, the Coast Guard told the publication:

“The Sligo based Coast Guard helicopter R118 completed an early morning medical evacuation (medevac) of a crewman requiring urgent medical attention from a UK registered fishing vessel approximately 150 miles west of Eagle Island in County Mayo.

“Owing to the distance involved safety and communication support, known as Top Cover, was provided by the  second Coast Guard helicopter, the Dublin based R116.”

“At approximately 1am contact was lost with one of our SAR Helicopters. A major sea search is ongoing off the county Mayo coast approximately six miles west of Blacksod.

“The search operation is being coordinated by the Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centre in Malin Head. Both helicopters refuelled at Blacksod prior to transiting to the scene.”

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