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Irish man loses 7st 10lbs with the Cambridge Weight Plan


Dropping big numbers on the scale is only the beginning of the benefits enjoyed by people who embark on successful weight loss journeys.  For many people losing weight isn’t just a way to boost their confidence and happiness, but is in fact crucial to living the life that their weight has prevented them from having

No one knows this better than Colin Mealiffe, who not only achieved a staggering 7st 10lbs weight loss, but is now on the path to rediscover a long lost passion.  He spoke to RSVP, about how he turned his life around thanks to the Cambridge Weight Plan.


Like many people, Colin’s issues started in college where he developed poor eating habits and a reliance on fast food and ready meals. Though he always remembers being big, Colin had always had an active lifestyle playing rugby, he was also a keen scuba diver.

However after starting a business which saw him delivering fast-food for eight hours a day, his activity quickly declined, and when he stopped smoking, his weight quickly ballooned even further. This weight gain meant he was no longer medically fit to dive, and later he was even prevented from being able to snorkel as he found he could no longer fit in a wet suit.

He realised he couldn’t go on the way he was going, when he was forced to purchase trousers with a 52 inch waist. However, after struggling to lose weight alone, a friend passed along the details of the Cambridge Weight Plan.

Colin took the plunge and came up with a plan to suit him with his consultant and his decision paid off when he saw dramatic results after just one week. This gave him the confidence he needed to stick with the plan, and his weight continued to fall.


The support of Colin’s consultant was invaluable especially after a shoulder injury threw him off course, but he persevered and soon family and friends began to comment on his weight loss and new found vigour.


After losing a massive 7st 10lbs on the plan Colin was selected as a finalist in the Irish Cambridge Weight Plan competition. His weight related medical issues have been resolved and best of all he hopes to be able to return to scuba diving at the start of next season.

Cambridge Weight Plan Ireland aims to make a big difference in the lives of the people of Ireland and has proved invaluable to people with medical conditions like, type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, osteoarthritis and sleep apnoea, supported by their medical team.

For further information about the Cambridge Diet programme, you can call 01-8682102087-2431119 or visit

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