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Irish mum loses nine stone in just two years


An Irish mum has shared her inspirational story after losing an incredible nine stone in just two years.

Nicola Carolan was inspired to start a blog, The Naked Blondie following her incredible weight loss journey which began in 2014.

At the time, she weighed 22 stone and has since lost 9st 7lbs.

She told the Irish Sun:

 “The blog started as an outlet. I felt that putting my story out there would keep me on track. A lot of people don’t have time to go to a slimming group, so they began to follow me and I have become that support for them. I have been cooking since I was a teenager and I’m obsessed with cooking programmes, but there was a time when I was working in Dublin, I was living on takeaways and just had such a bad lifestyle.”

She went on:

“When I got pregnant with my first son I decided I didn’t want him growing up with my lifestyle and getting healthy became my mission. At my heaviest I looked 40 and I felt 80. I broke toilet seats and I couldn’t walk up the stairs without my heart beating out of my chest – that is the reality of obesity.”

Her blog and motivational and upbeat spirits have won her a huge amount of fans, and this year she was even after to set up her own health food empire after her incredible weight loss.

Nicola recently set up The Naked Meat Company which delivers fresh and high protein foods across the country.

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