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Irish Weather: Temperatures Set To Reach 25 Degrees


It is back! Get ready for some serious sunshine over the next two days as temperatures are set to reach 24 degrees Celsius today and tomorrow.

According to the Irish Mirror, the glorious sunshine is because of a Spanish ‘plume’ of heat that’s crept up from the Mediterranean.

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A Met Eireann forecaster told the paper: “Dry and bright today.

“Early mist or fog lifting quickly, but a few patches may well linger for a time, in some coastal areas, especially the southeast.

“Rather cloudy in places at first, but cloud will break allowing good sunny spells to develop. ”

This afternoon we should see temperatures of 23 degrees with Galway getting the best of the weather, tomorrow could see temps reaching 25 degrees

Sadly there could be some rain on Wednesday but lets enjoy the next two days first.

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