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Is your dog Obese?

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Chubby dogs can seem cute, but it can cause serious health problems for your poor dog.

Many dogs become over weight due to over feeding or an unbalanced diet. Obesity can make dogs less willing to be active and playful, which not only increases the chances of them becoming more overweight but also deprives them of what is a very natural, fun activity for most dogs.

Obesity can create suffering if breathing and walking becomes difficult, and it can result in a shorter lifespan. It is common in dogs, but can be easily tackled with a good nutrition plan and a lot of willpower, according to Pet Essentials.

The main cause for obesity in dogs is an imbalance between the energy a dog consumes (through its food) and the amount that it uses (through exercise). In other words, you may be feeding your dog the right amount for its breed and age, but if you are not giving it enough exercise then it will gain weight.

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It is also worth noting that specific illnesses can also cause weight gain, so it’s always worth checking with your vet to make sure there are no underlying problems.

A way to notice obesity is to have monthly weigh ins, this will allow you to quickly notice a change in your dogs weight, and therefore help you make any necessary changes to their diet.

How do you know if your dog is obese? Take them to the vet. A vet will determine whether or not a dog is obese by measuring their body weight, although they may also use a “body condition” score, which takes into account a number of factors including weight and the body composition of that breed.

While people will often wonder how many treats to give their dog Pet Essentials say by following these simple rules, you should be ok.

1). Making sure the treats you give are specifically made for dogs.

2). Don’t ‘reward’ your dog with scraps or leftover foods from your meals.

3). Make sure that the amount of treats only add up to around ten per cent of their daily intake – that’s one or two a day on a normal diet.

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