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Jake Carter: “There Is No Love In My life At The Moment But I am Always Looking”

Jake Carter: There Is No Love In My life At The Moment But I am Always Looking

Jake Carter

Cheeky Jake Carter is making his Late Late show debut this evening and has exclusively admitted to RSVP he is both nervous and excited

“This is my first time doing any major sort of television so it is both nerve wrecking and exciting. We just announced my tour dates so hopefully it will get people interested in me and they will come see my shows.”

Tonight’s outfit for the Late Late show

When asked could we see him duet with big brother Nathan anytime soon, the talented musician said

“Maybe in the future if he doesn’t charge me too much”

Nathan Carter Via RSVP Magazine

But answering the question we all wanted to know, is he dating anyone? The Liverpool born singer/songwriter said

“No, not at the moment, but I am always looking”

We bet you have no problem finding them either Jake.

Tune into the Late Late show tonight to see the young star or check out his tour dates, here.

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