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James Patrice Gives Us A Peek Inside His Fridge And Shares His Daily Diet With Us

no repro fee if Balfes mentioned in caption James Butler at the launch of Power Plates for Breakfast at Balfes in partnership with BodyByrne Fitness-photo Kieran Harnett

James Butler at the launch of Power Plates for Breakfast at Balfes in partnership with BodyByrne Fitness-photo Kieran Harnett

Food Diary:

Breakfast: Poached eggs x 2, half of an avocado, 1 slimbo/slimster

Lunch: 2 turkey burgers, Spinach, peppers, tomato, brown rice (That’s on a good day – a lunch out with the gals could end up being something a bit more calorie-laden!) very fond of scones! 

Dinner: Stir fried mince and veg, brown rice on a very good day

Snacks: Corn cakes with peanut butter, popcorn

I’d also be partial to the odd pastry/scone too!

Height: 6’2

Age: 27

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Do you struggle with your weight or is this even an issue to you? 

Anyone who follows me on Snapchat will know I’m partial to the odd indulgence now and then, much to the detriment of my attempts to be healthy! I haven’t got a lot of weight to lose as such,  but I could certainly be a lot more disciplined.


Do you go to the gym/exercise and how often (expand)? 

I go to a Personal Trainer 3 times per week (sometimes only twice, sure say nothing!), and it’s certainly helped with my general overall health. Although I will admit, I often have some face on me dragging myself through the door – Neal in NuFitness Malahide, thanks for putting up with me!


How often do you drink alcohol, how much roughly?

I would usually go out once at the weekend, but my schedule is so varied that it can be difficult to get the gang together all at once, so sometimes it’s just a cuppa and Eastenders for me! When I do go out, I wouldn’t be over indulgent – moderation is key.


Do you have a hangover cure – food you always eat?

Hangovers really aren’t worth the hassle! When I want a treat though, I’m partial to a good takeaway. The JustEat App always takes a hit!


Your biggest weakness? 

Savoury snacks like tortilla chips and nuts – I’m a divil for them! I always pick up a bag ‘for the house’, then end up wolfing them down in a heartbeat!


What supplements do you take?  (if any)

I’ve started taking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water every day, and it really is great for your digestion. 


Do you suffer with any allergies or bad health? 

Luckily, no. Although I can’t stand liqourice – does that count?!


What would be your final meal/favourite meal? 

Definitely a burger and chips – you can’t beat a classic!

Paul Byrne of BodyByrne

Paul Byrne of BodyByrne


Breakfast: Your breakfast is pretty perfect. Full of good protein, fats and carbs. Another good option is proats (Protein and Oats) but if you’re happy with eating the same thing most days stick with your eggs.

Lunch: Again your lunch is also spot on in the food diary but as mentioned above you can also end up out eating something more calorie laden. It really depends on how often that is. The general rule I like to stick by is that 90% of your meals should be on your nutritional plan when you’re trying to lose those last few pounds. That only leaves you 2 meals per week to indulge. Any more than that and you may be slowing down your fat loss results.

Dinners: You used the phrase on a good day quite often in the above questions. After having a look at your instagram It makes me wonder if your good days outweigh your bad days, am I wrong? Your meals in the above diary are perfect for a final fat loss push and if you eat these balanced low fat protein rich meals 6 days per week you will reach your desired fitness goals.

Snacks: I’m not huge fan of corn cakes or rice cakes with peanut butter as a snack. Nut butters are so high in calories and corn/rice cakes although low in calorie can spike your blood sugar causing large cravings. The end result sometimes is that you end up eating hundreds of calories worth of fats and carbs. Keep it simple and snack on some fresh watery fruit (Pineapple / Melon) or berries which are packed full of water, vitamins and minerals. Obviously scones/pastries and alcohol are a no no (except for once per week) and the more you have the slower your fat loss.

Training: It’s great that you’re working with a trainer but if you’re only getting in 2 sessions per week you’ll need to add in 2 other short sessions of some form of HIIT training to maximise your health and results. You can do this at home or the gym. Some good one’s are: HIIT Workout 1: 12 rounds x 50m Hill SprintsHIIT Workout 2: 10 Rounds x 200m Row / 5 BurpeesHIIT Workout 3: 10 Rounds of: 10 Squats / 10 Press up / 10 Burpees

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