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Jane Danson admits that Peter Barlow could be the father

Jane Danson admits that Peter Barlow could be the father of Leanne Battersby’s baby.

The character recently gave birth to a baby in dramatic scenes on Corrie.


It was previously revealed that Steve McDonald was the father, but a new fan theory suggests that Peter is in fact the Dad.

Responding to the news posting by Coronation Street Fan Updates, she said: “This made me giggle! Anything is possible in soapworld!”

    Leanne visited Peter in Portsmouth in June 2016 – and yes, this was 9 months before Oliver was born. You can read the episode synopsis here which says Leanne and Simon returned from Portsmouth week of 3 June 2016. So the timing is perfect.

    2. DAD DNA
    No DNA test has been done yet to determine who the father is. So, there’s no proof that the baby is Steve’s.

    Since Toyah returned to Coronation Street, she’s been one-dimensional. Her character and storyline have been all about the IVF, about failing to get pregnant with Toby’s child, and now about trying to have Peter’s baby.  She even delivered baby Oli while stuck in the Victoria Court life. So, what if Toyah does eventually get pregnant with Peter’s child AND it’s proven that Oli is also Peter’s?  Oh ‘eck!

    The revelation would blow Toyah and Leanne apart and make for a great soap storyline.

    Peter is a rubbish dad, we all know that. Simon knows it too.  Well, if Peter did turn out to be the dad to baby Oliver (and to Toyah’s baby – see No. 3 above) he’d be the worst dad in the Street, with three children to prove it.

Viewers could be in for a major new shock on screen…

Check out more details- Here

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