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K-9 Angels are battling to help stray dogs in Romania, whose realities are heartbreaking

K-9 Angels, a charity group, are battling to help stray dogs in Romania whose realities are absolutely heartbreaking.

We’ve all had our laughs at the hyperactive Jack Russell at this years ‘Crufts’ but according to co-founder of K-9 Angels, the reality for most dogs, is much more heartbreaking.

“We have just had Crufts where hundreds of beautiful dogs will be shown off in the ring and adored by many spectators but however in parallel just hundreds of miles away in Romania dogs are treated as vermin for most part” explained K-9 Angels charity co-founder Victoria Eisermann, to RSVP.

The conditions of some of these dogs are quite appalling. From being found shot, to being purposely targeted by cars, these strays in Romania have a tough time. And the rescuers do too as their available funds just aren’t enough to help the large number of strays.

K-9 Angels is a charity group which was set up to help improve the lives of these dogs and to educate people on animal welfare.

The group was founded just 5 years ago by three women, model and columnist Victoria Eisermann, singer/songwriter Pola Pospieszalska, and presenter Anneka Svenska who left the charity in 2014.

Speaking about why they set up the charity, Victoria Eisermann said;

“We originally helped one little dog ourselves after seeing a plea on Facebook. We literally helped take that dog we named Angel from rags to riches. We just felt with our contacts and if we could help little Angel the way we did we could try and help many others just like her and that’s exactly what the K-9 Angels did.”

Since setting up, they’ve done tremendous work. They have raised close to half a million pounds, built a shelter housing up to 120 dogs and a state of the art vet facility, as well as re-homing eight hundred and fifty dogs, in just 5 years.

The team regularly goes to Romania to carry out mass spray and neuters, this being the only way to eventually stop the hell for the hundreds of stray dogs living in the appalling conditions out there.

Sue Barker, TV presenter and former tennis player, adopted her dog from the K-9 Angels. Speaking about her experience she said;

“The fact he was the last dog from his pack left in the rescue shelter tugged at my heartstrings. The pictures on the website showed an adorable black-and-brown crossbreed called Baiatu who’d been rescued by K-9 Angels.”

Adding, “He and a pack of seven other strays were living by a factory, surviving on scraps thrown to them by workers, when they were hunted down by Romania’s ‘dog catchers’ and stuck in a squalid pound to await euthanasia.”

“Enter the K-9 Angels, who rescued them from the pound and placed them in a shelter where, one by one, Baiatu’s friends had all found homes. I couldn’t bear the thought he’d been left to languish there. And so we found Baiatu, or Batty as we call him. Welcoming him into our home has been the most amazing experience,” she explained.

The K-9 Angels have said that what makes their work so tough is only having the money to save some of the dogs and not all of them.

Speaking about one of their most recent rescues, Victoria said;

“Just a few days ago we were alerted that a pregnant dog had deliberately been hit by a car, just lucky our Romanian angel Madalina found her while she was out driving to the countryside searching for some puppies that had been dumped in a field. Madalina searched and searched, but she could not find the puppies this time. Unless someone had already found them it’s probable the puppies would not have survived the night with such freezing temperatures.”

To find out more or to donate to the charity, you can visit their website here.

What amazing work these women are doing.

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