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Kate and Gerry McCann shut down claims they plan to make thousands off of the 10th Anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance

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Kate and Gerry McCann have shut down claims that they plan to make thousands off of the 10th Anniversary of their daughter Maddie’s disappearance.

The parents of Madeleine have denied claims by Portuguese media that they plan to make €100,000 from British deals, and €400,000 from American chats. The couple’s spokesperson has said that there would be no payment for the interviews and that such claims were “inaccurate and utter rubbish”.

Speaking to The Sun, spokesperson for Gerry and Kate McCann, Clarence Mitchell said;

“Kate and Gerry have not decided on any media interviews surrounding the anniversary yet but if any deal is done it will be extremely limited and no payment will be involved.”

The devastating ten year anniversary is less than 3 months away, and the family have said that the number offers from the media for interviews have been crazy.

The couple are reportedly planning to do two pooled interviews in Britain, one for print and one for broadcast, with no fee.

Mitchell made it clear that the McCann’s have never tried to make money from interviews, and have only accepted hospitality costs for their appearance on Oprah.

“But they have never accepted interview fees. They once accepted hospitality fees many years ago after travelling to America to appear on Oprah Winfrey, for flights and hotels,” said Mitchell

Adding, “The only time Kate ever received any payment connected to Maddie’s disappearance in May 2007 – £1 million before tax – was from her own book simply entitled “Madeleine” and published in 2011.

We can’t imagine how tough it is for the family coming up to the 10th anniversary, yet alone how hard it must be to have to respond to claims such as these. We hope they’re staying strong.


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