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Kathryn Thomas Reveals the Secret Behind Her Incredible Bikini Body

via Twitter

via Twitter

Kathryn Thomas has revealed exactly how she stays in such amazing shape.

The Operation Transformation presenter opened up about the diet and fitness secrets behind her enviable bikini body.

Kathryn Thomas in tears on Operation Transformation 

Kathryn Thomas via Twitter

Kathryn Thomas via Twitter

Speaking to RSVP Online, Kathryn insisted that she she isn’t the fitness guru that she has been made out to be:

“I’ve gone from everyone thinking I’m this ‘travel girl’, to people believing I’m a health and fitness expert, which I will categorically say I’m not.

“I look after myself because I love my food and I get no greater pleasure than going out for dinner with my mates. I’m lucky that I enjoy exercise, but I have to look after both. [diet and fitness]”

The 37-year-old spilled the beans on her daily diet and exercise regime:

“Generally what I do is 5:2, so 5 days clean eating and 2 days off the wagon.

“I eat a lot of fruit and porridge in the morning, salads in the afternoon and salmon, chicken and vegetables in the evening.

“I go to the gym three days a week, but I’m out 5 days a week. I have two dogs that need to be walked, so that keeps me on track as well,” she added.

Kathryn Thomas hits out at ‘traditional’ values

via Twitter

via Twitter

Kathryn’s new Boot Camp has been hugely successful since its launch last summer.

One client lost an incredible 4 stone through the camp, which is based in Dromore Castle Co. Kerry.

According to Kathryn, Irish people struggle with body confidence:

“We’re still quite Catholic. I think body image is something that’s only changing in recent years. We’re all becoming much more aware of our our bodies, not just from an aesthetic perspective, but from a health perspective too.”

The Voice of Ireland host also says that she regularly gets stopped in the street and asked for weight loss advice from fans:

“I love my food and I’m prone to putting on weight, so I have to work hard to keep on top of it. Am I an expert? No. do I work with plenty of them? Yes, So I’ve learned how to take care of myself.”

Unlike Vogue Williams however, Kathryn insists that she doesn’t get up to train hungover:

“Fair play to her. As I said, 5 days on, two days off. You need your down time as well.”

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