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Katy from Fair City is a Complete Stunner in Real Life!


After all this time locked up in the basement, poor Katy O’Brien isn’t looking her best!

Fortunately, the actress who plays Katy in Fair City, Amilia Clarke Stewart, has had better access to a hairbrush, and is a complete stunner in real life:

Amilia Via Facebook



The actress, who is from Greenhills in Dublin, has been receiving a lot of attention in recent weeks due to the high profile Katie storyline on the RTE soap.

It’s easily the longest running storyline in the history of Fair City, so much so that there was an online petition campaigning to free poor Katy, who has been under lock and key by Ciaran for the past 12 months.

Stunning Amelia Clarke Stewart

Fans of the show have been pulling their hair out waiting for Katy to be set free.

RTE quashed any hopes of her being let go over the Easter weekend, telling, that actually the controversial storyline is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson told the publication:

“I can confirm that the Katy O’Brien storyline will not come to a conclusion this weekend, To have hastened this story would not have done justice to the ramifications of such an act upon everyone it touches,”¬†

Amilia with former Fair City star Niamh Quirke

Well at least we’re guaranteed lots of Amilia on our screens for a while, and that’s something that we definitely can’t complain about that.

Both she and the talented Johnny Ward are playing a blinder!


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