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Ken Barlow will shock viewers in a rant about Deirdre Barlow

Ken Barlow will shock viewers in a rant about his late wife, Deirdre Barlow.

His foul mouthed tirade is not going to go down well in tonight’s instalment of the show (March, 20).


The long-standing character will lose the plot after Sinead Tinker reveals her pregnancy with his son.

Fearing for Daniel Osbourne’s future, he hits out at Sinead by comparing her relationship to his marriage with Deirdre.

“This is nothing short of a disaster. Daniel’s life will be ruined before it gets started.

“He doesn’t love you, he loves the idea of a girlfriend, however ill-suited she might be,” he says.

Coronation Street Via ITV

He added that his “fate was sealed” and he felt “stuck” with Deirdre during their many years together.

He continued: “I made the best life I could with Deirdre.”

Sinead was left fuming by his comments and voiced her opinion: “That’s a terrible thing to say. She loved you.”

Ken openly admitted that he “loved her, very, very dearly” but there was “never any real meeting of minds” and wasted too many years during his relationship with her.

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